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S. Richard (Dick) Shook

B. 1955, Mason City Iowa. B.A in Art and Design, Iowa State University, College of Design, 1983. Winner of the Janice Peterson Anderson award during his final semester. Studied drawing, painting and printmaking in the Master's Degree program, but didn't complete the program. Left graduate school to study law and instead became an architectural illustrator for Bloodgood Architects, in Des Moines, later he moved to New Hampshire and worked with Matarazzo Design and returned to Iowa in 1990 after beginning his own freelance illustration and design business.

As an illustrator, Dick worked with many prestigious architectural firms who appreciated his loose pen and ink style as well as his more refined pen and ink drawings.

Pen and ink

Pen and Ink Rendering

Concept sketches.

Concept sketches.

He was also an early adopter of 3D computer modeling. His clients included Iowa State University, Reiman Gardens, Hy Vee, the City of Des Moines, and many more too numerous to mention. Later in his career, clients began to solicit Dick to create innovative building design concepts. And that led him to establish his own design/build specialty construction services company.

Entertainment Barn

Entertainment barn, designed by Dick abt.1999
Des Moines, Iowa

Harvester Clubhouse

Harvester Clubhouse
Rhodes, Iowa
designed by Dick abt.1999
Constructed 2001-2002

110 N. Ankeny Blvd

Ankeny, Iowa
designed by Dick 2005
Constructed abt. 2006-2007

In late 2009 Dick had open heart surgery for a triple bi-pass operation and for a time recovered well, but soon had complications from medications that through side effects made it difficult to walk without assistance and as he faced the end to a long career, decided to return to fine art, oil painting and drawing. Dick finds painting to be a powerful help to live more mindfully, and vitally.

When I was in college I was knee deep in innovative and edgy ways of creating, conceptual and abstract constructions. Now I've gone back to traditional painting. The process of creating art has grown ever more diverse and interesting, and challenging.

I've been working in the traditionalist mode, finding meaning in the materials of oil paint and the subject matter that invites my attention, which lately centers around dance and ballet in particular which is an ideal direction for me to go after my action oriented paintings for the Polk County Health Department, Des Moines, Iowa. (Completed between 2012 and 2015).

Bike Club

Bike Club was painted for the Polk County Health Department, Des Moines, Iowa. Completed in 2012, this was the first of three large paintings to promote healthy lifestyles.